Questions? You can call us on 0800 852 7307
Questions? You can call us on 0800 852 7307
DAILY CLEANING office package 
We like the way you roll, you're a 
Gold Package type of person heh! 
Good choice.... 
We like the way you roll, 
you're a 
Gold Package 
type of person heh! 

Good choice.... 
But before you hit the ORANGE blue button let us tell you more facts about the Gold Package..... and what you should be expecting from us.....
Interested to know more?...  Lets start with this short video.... 

The quote takes less than 3 minutes as
there are only 6 questions...We are 
that confident we even have timers!!
Can you mix and Match the packages?
100% YES!!!!
We have designed these packages around you.  You can tailor our packages to fit within your cleaning requirements... 
Do you want to start off with The Family Specialist, then knock it down to a Silver for 5 months........ then have a Platinum 6 months later? NO PROBLEMS..... 

You let us know your requirements and we will make them come true!!!
WHO is the Gold Package wrapped up for?
This package includes all that the silver package package offers and more. Our cleaners will not only make sure that your offices are ready to function by your staff on a daily basis but they will also make sure that the finer details are looking at their best ready for your customers to be impressed.

You may have spent a huge amount of time and money making sure that you were advertising to the right client, hours making sure the copy was just right, hours on the phone trying to make that all important first meeting.....
  • The day arrives and in walks your client.. 
  • You greet them at the door... 
  • You have moments to make that all important first impression....... 
  • Your client sits down in the meeting room and 
  •  Your client looks out the window......
  •  Your client has been lost in a haze of mist and dirt on the window.....
Now you may not necessarily lose that client but......

They may look at your overflowing bins or dirty toilets and think that you are struggling financial or don't care about the smaller things in life.  They negotiate harder... 

You see, the small things really do matter....

We know that and thats why this cheaper option (On a regular basis) is the ideal partner 
What can we expect from your staff?
One of our companies GUARANTEES is to not leave your site until you are 100% HAPPY that the works carried out are in line with the specification of the clean you have opted in for....


Well, Our staff will carry out the following.......... And in this order!!
  • Turn up on the time that was specified.
  •  Report to reception and Sign in with you. 
  •  Discuss (or read any notes) with you any special instructions for the day that you may have.   
  •  Pick up the tools and set to work.
  •  Complete the works. 
  •  Communicate to you how the clean went.    
  •  Give you the opportunity to walk around and inspect the works with them.  
  •  Pack up tools. 
  •  Sign out from site.  
  •  Leave site knowing that Expectations have been Exceeded. 
So, Lets just recap....
  •  All basic office cleaning tasks to make your office/ place of work function day to day. 
  •  Keeping those bins empty 
  •  Carpets hoovered 
  •  kitchens surfaces wiped 
  •  Consumables replenished
  •  Toilets clean and germ free
  •  Light and Plug sockets are wiped
  •  Skirting boards dusted and wiped 
  •  Doors and window frames cleaned of fingers prints and marks 
  •  Wiping marks off walls  
  •  Radiators are dusted  
  •  Inside bins cleaned ……. and 
  •  Any Harder to reach areas such as behind desks or filing cabinets are reached… 
  • The deep cleaning of the reception hardwood flooring and carpets that the Platinum Package offers
  •  The VIP treatment and additional cleans of The Family Specialist Package.
Fancy taking the next step and receiving work that is GUARANTEED?
PLATINUM may be the one for you?
Click Below to find out more about our PLATINUM Package..